Law Services


Business & Commercial

WA Law, P.S. serves small and large commercial clients by reviewing and drafting contracts, forming companies and guiding clients through various commercial transactions. We offer decades of experience in preparing documents to limit uncertainty, properly allocate risk and position clients for positive outcomes.



Businesses and individuals sometimes face disputes. When those disputes arise, our broad range of litigation experience gives us the unique ability to advocate strongly for our clients and assist them in developing sound, cost-effective strategies for resolving disputes. When warranted, we are always ready to take cases to trial.


Real Estate

WA Law, P.S. assists clients with a wide range of real estate matters. Those services include the formation of investment entities, preparing purchase and sale agreements and preparing lease agreements. Over the years we have assisted clients with the transfers of property, both residential and commercial, and assisted with clients facing disputed boundary lines and easements.


Estate Planning

WA Law, P.S. serves clients by providing business owners and individuals an assessment of their needs to develop estate plans. We also assist families when a loved one passes away by guiding clients through the probate process.


Aaron reviewed, updated, and revised our constitution, by-laws, and all legal papers for our non-profit. Great customer service, communication, competence, integrity, and was easy to work with.
I had just started a business and needed some paperwork reviewed. Aaron had great attention to detail, provided me with steps and things that I could do in the interim until we get off the ground. I would highly recommend Aaron and plan to hire him to write our terms of agreement, partnership, and trademark paperwork.
I'm extremely happy to know the new business owner I referred to Aaron was well taken care of. He reached out to the client and was able to answer all their questions. If you own a business you should schedule a time to talk with Aaron to find out how he can help you legally.
My wife and I used Mr Atkission to complete our estate plan and found him to be incredibly helpful. He was very timely in all communication and helped us with an outside the box request. I highly recommend Mr Atkission to anyone looking for a quality attorney.
Al is an upstanding and honest man, which in law is hard to find and a major asset. He cares about people and the community. He's been a blessing to us and The Tuned In Academy.
Works diligently and quickly to accomplish client goals. Has been a part of numerous real estate/business transactions and would recommend.